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Community Action Fund

This year, councillors have each been given £5,000 to spend in their ward on local projects for the benefit of the community. Councillors can decide how to spend their share, so long as it meets certain conditions.

The fund could be used to:

  • make improvements to community assets, such as painting a community room, buying equipment for a village hall or buying planters for the streets
  • improve a community centre or village hall
  • set up and publish a new community newsletter
  • plan and advertise village walks
  • buy play and exercise equipment for the community
  • hold public events, festivals and exhibitions
  • set up a new community activity such as a gardening club or residents group

The funds cannot be used for:

  • regular expenses or anything that could continue to cost money in the future
  • clothes or uniform for the sole use of an individual
  • political activities, lobbying or campaigning
  • employing staff, paying rent or general running costs of an organisation
  • general charity donations where there are no specific benefits to the particular ward
  • gifts or hospitality, including food or drink

How to apply for funding

Complete the Community Action Fund application form and submit it to your local councillor. You can find contact details for your local councillor below.



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