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2020 vision for energy efficient street lights

All of Bridgend County Borough’s 20,000 streetlights will be using energy efficient LED lanterns by 2020.

Eight thousand streetlights in the county borough are already fitted with the modern LEDs, which provide the same amount of light but use between 30 and 60 per cent less energy.

Now, thanks to a £2.5m loan, Bridgend County Borough Council has announced that it will be upgrading the remaining 12,000.

We’ll be modernising all of our street lights by replacing the older ones over the next couple of years. The LED lights will be relatively maintenance free, and can be dimmed at pre-set times to deliver further energy savings. LED lights are also more directional, which means that they can light roads better as they don’t cast so much light where it isn’t needed, so they will keep our roads safe for both motorists and pedestrians.

Councillor Richard Young, the council’s Cabinet Member for Communities

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