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Be environmentally friendly with your nippers’ nappies

Parents across Bridgend County Borough are being reminded about two options they have for being more environmentally friendly with their children’s nappies.

Rather than throwing disposable nappies in their bin bags for landfill, parents and guardians are able to register for Bridgend County Borough Council’s fortnightly Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP) collections, which are picked up on the same day as their non-recyclable waste.

Once they’ve registered, households are sent a roll of purple bags. As well as catering for children’s nappies, the purple bags can also be used to dispose of wipes, paper tissues, stoma bags, adult incontinence pads and nappies, absorbent bed sheets, plastic gloves and disposable aprons.

After they’ve been picked up from homes, the bags are taken for processing at the pioneering Nappicycle plant in Ammanford where they recover all of the recyclable materials. The cellulose fibres from nappies are recycled into fibre boards and acoustic panelling, while the plastics are sent for further re-processing.

To apply for the AHP collections, please call 01656 643643, email, or register online at

The second option is to move away from disposable nappies completely by taking advantage of a discount deal to choose reusable ‘real nappies’ instead.

Bridgend County Borough Council has teamed up with ‘The Nappy Gurus - Bridgend’ to subsidise starter kits so that they can be bought for only £15 – a 70% discount on the £50 RRP.

The starter packs contain three ‘real nappies’ and accessories, and the discounted offer is available for all local residents who are pregnant or have a child under three years of age.

To find out more, please email or visit

If you are new to the area, or have recently had a baby, we really want to raise awareness that you are entitled to register for our fortnightly purple bag collections. Since we started the AHP service last June we have had 9,243 households register for the collections which has resulted in 662 tonnes of AHP waste. If they aren’t recycled, disposable nappies can take up to 500 years to fully break down, so we’re really pleased that the numbers of nappies that we are sending to landfill has been dramatically reduced thanks to this new service.

Councillor Hywel Williams, the council’s Deputy Leader

Councillor Williams added: “Likewise, real nappies offer an excellent green option for families, particularly when you consider that children need an average of 5,520 nappy changes before they’re potty trained!

“We first joined forces with The Nappy Gurus in June 2016 and since that time we have sold 76 kits through the subsidy scheme, with parents saying that they’ve found real nappies easy to use, easy to clean, and they are obviously much cheaper in the long run too.

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