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Failure to pick up dog mess could lead to £100 fine

Fines of up to £100 could soon be introduced to tackle dog fouling and irresponsible dog ownership in Bridgend County Borough.

Cabinet Members from Bridgend County Borough Council have agreed to hold a public consultation over a proposal to fine dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets in public areas or fail to keep them under control.

If the public agree, then it will also become an offence not to carry dog waste bags when out walking a dog.

We receive many complaints every year about dog fouling in our communities, while some of our playing fields need to be checked for dog mess before they can be used.

As a dog owner myself, I’m absolutely disgusted when I see irresponsible dog owners who don’t clean up after their dogs. Picking up their mess is part and parcel of owning a dog.

I find it shocking that the minority of dog owners don’t care about others and leave dog mess on our streets and green spaces. Aside from it being unpleasant, dog fouling is a risk to human health, particularly amongst children.

Councillor Richard Young, Cabinet Member for Communities

“Despite considerable efforts to promote responsible dog ownership, it is still an issue locally. So, as well as introducing fines to tackle dog fouling we also feel that something needs to be done about residents who don’t control their dogs suitably.

“Therefore, we’re proposing to make it an offence if a dog walker fails to put or keep their dog on a lead in public places when requested to do so by a council officer.

“We think that fines would act as a strong deterrent, but what do residents think? We want to gather public opinion first, so please look out for the public consultation which will be held later this year.”

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