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Bridgend youth justice video transcript

Our Bridgend Youth Justice Service is here to support, reduce and prevent.

Most children and young people in Bridgend County Borough thrive within their home, family, communities and school.

But some may have been presented with difficult home lives and situations, or simply make the wrong choices.
In these situations, they can catch the attention of police in the area who may decide to bring them into our youth justice system.

Bridgend Youth Justice Service is made up of professionals from social services, education, police, health and voluntary agencies.

We put the child or young person at the centre of our support from start to finish.

We support children and young people by:

• Listening whilst supporting and encouraging them
• Working with partners in prevention and early intervention to reduce numbers
• Providing wellbeing and resilience support to ensure they refrain from crime
• Working with young people and victims of their offence
• Providing support to make positive steps on the occasion of them being released from custody

Together we will support children and young people to prevent offending behaviour… enabling them to respond positively to their communities and reach their full potential.
For more information about the service, please contact our team our visit our website:

Telephone: 01656 815420

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