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Supported lodgings

Give more than just a room

Many vulnerable young people, whether they come from care or can no longer live at home, are not quite ready to live on their own. The supported lodgings scheme offers a room within a home for young people aged 16 to 21.

This offers young people a safe environment within a family setting to help develop practical skills and emotional stability while preparing to live independently.

The young person becomes part of the household and shares the facilities; effectively becoming a lodger. The scheme is mainly intended for short-term residence. Sometimes the young person needs a little extra support. This is to develop their confidence and the required skills through ongoing guidance and encouragement.

The young person will gradually take on more responsibility for looking after himself or herself until they feel they are able to cope.

Become a supported lodgings provider

Offering a place in your home helps young people receive support and encouragement. This is needed to start learning the life skills to make the transition into adulthood easier and make a success of living independently.

It is important that providers understand that young people within this scheme are likely to have experienced many challenges and possibly trauma. It is important to report any changes in the young person’s behaviour or if they break rules. Regular supervision and the possibility to attend support meetings and training courses are available.

What you need to become a supported lodgings provider

We are looking for people with a variety of backgrounds: there are no limitations.

  • anyone over 21 with a spare room can apply to become a supported lodgings provider.
  • being in full-time work is not a barrier to taking part in the scheme.
  • your marital status, sexuality and cultural background will not affect your application.

Few circumstances automatically prevent someone from being a provider, so do not rule yourself out.

Providers do not need any formal qualifications, ongoing training is provided, along with regular support from the supported lodging’s team. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us to find out whether your situation would prevent you from becoming a lodging provider.

All you need to provide is sole use of bedroom, use of facilities (kitchen, laundry, bathroom, access to communal areas), and food, practical and emotional support.

These facilities provide opportunities for the young person to learn the basics of cooking, cleaning, budgeting and shopping.

Qualities that providers should possess:

  • an understanding of the potential difficulties faced by young people
  • common sense
  • a warm and caring personality
  • a reasonable expectation of young people’s abilities
  • patience and flexibility
  • a sense of humour
  • a commitment to provide a supportive, encouraging and safe environment – especially when things don’t go right for the young person
  • a desire to make a difference to lives of young people in need

Steps to becoming a provider

Step one: The team will visit your home to talk about the scheme in more detail. This will give you with the opportunity to decide whether this is right for you.

Step two: If you meet the criteria, official local authority, GP and DBS checks will be undertaken, along with personal and employee references.

Step three: You and any members of the family who live with you will be assessed.

Step four: A panel will decide whether to approve applications, which is then authorised by the head of service.

You will gain the opportunity to receive ongoing professional training and development. This will increase your skills base to help you successfully support young people. You will also experience a sense of achievement and are able to use your life skills and experience to make a difference in a young person’s life.

If you meet all criteria above, you will be sensitively matched to a young person who will suit your home environment and personal experiences.

Please be aware that the approval process can take up to five or six months from the time of your first home visit.

Supported lodgings team

Telephone: 01656 815451

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