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Regeneration and mixed use sites

Hearing session four’s documents.
Document ref Title Published by Date
HS04.01 Participants List Programme Officer 02/10/2012
HS04.02 Inspector Agenda & Matters and Issues Programme Officer 02/10/2012
HS04.03 Further Statement from Bridgend Town Council (ID 35) Bridgend Town Council 05/11/2012
HS04.04 Further Statement from Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) BCBC 06/11/2012
HS04.05 Further Statement from Countryside Council for Wales (ID 54) Countryside Council for Wales 06/11/2012
HS04.06 Rebuttal from Ashtenne Industrial Fund Ltd (Savills) ID 793 Ashtenne Industrial Fund Ltd 13/11/2012
HS04.07 Allotment Information Table from Bridgend Town Council (ID 35) Bridgend Town Council 22/11/2012
HS04.08 BCBC Allotment Strategy 2010 - 2021 Bridgend Town Council 22/11/2012
HS04.09 Action points for session 4 Programme Officer 13/12/2012
HS04.10 Action points from BCBC BCBC 15/01/2013
HS04.11 MACs Session 4 with Inspectors comments Programme officer 26/02/2013

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