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Local development plan development sites database

Local Development Plans need to be ‘realistic and likely to be implemented within the plan period’ in the interest of avoiding blight. In this respect, all proposals included as land use allocations within the LDP should have sufficient evidence to suggest that they can be delivered within the plan period.

Appendix 5 of the Plan provides an overview and ‘snapshot’ of all the land use allocations included in the LDP together with an estimate of the likely phasing of development and likely funding sources.

We have also produced a related ‘live’ online site database (below) which contains up-to-date and detailed information on the site specific delivery and implementation of the land-use allocations contained in the respective policies in the plan, including information, where this is known, of site specific constraints, requirements and/or mitigation measures that will be required in order to bring the sites forward for development.

This online database will be refreshed periodically to reflect, for example, planning applications submitted or development briefs prepared on the site. Collectively, this database will be used in the annual monitoring of the plan to ensure it is being implemented effectively.

Sites information

Click on any of the sites below to see information on all development sites within the Bridgend LDP. Please note that sites which have already been developed are not displayed below.

Regeneration and mixed use sites

These are sites which have a mixture of uses including residential, employment and retail development.

Details of sites for regeneration and mixed use.
Policy number Site name Settlement Land uses
PLA3(1) Parc Derwen Bridgend Residential – 1,515 units
Community Building
Primary School
Playing Fields
Accessible Natural Greenspace
Local Retailing - Up to 3,000 sq m net
PLA3(2) North East Brackla Regeneration Area Bridgend Employment land – 8.66 ha (B1, B2 & B8)
Residential - 550 units
Bulky Comparison Goods - 4,500 sq m net
Local Retailing - Up to 450 sq m net
Improvement to the Transportation network
Playing Fields
Waste Treatment Facility
PLA3(3) Coity Road Sidings Bridgend Residential – 140 units
Employment - Fully Developed
Park and Ride Facility - Wildmill Station
PLA3(4) Parc Afon Ewenni Bridgend Residential – 650 units
Employment - 2.0 ha C
Local Retailing - Up to 2,000 sq m net
Community Building
Accessible Natural Greenspace
Improvements to the transportation network
PLA3(5) The Former Maesteg Washery Maesteg Residential – 135 units
Accessible Natural Greenspace
PLA3(6) Coegnant Reclamation Site Caerau / Nantyffyllon Residential – 100 units
Playing Fields
Employment - 2.00 ha (B1, B2 & B8)
PLA3(7) Ewenny Road Maesteg Residential – 125 units
Employment - 3.50 ha (B1, B2 & B8)
Local Retailing - Up to 1,000 sq m net
Bulky Comparison Goods - 5,400 sq m net
PLA3(8) Porthcawl Waterfront Regeneration Porthcawl Residential – 1,350 units
Education Facility - Extension of Newton
Health & Social Service Facility
Community Building
Retail & Commercial Development
PLA3(9) Pwll-Y-Waun Porthcawl Residential – 40 units
Employment - 0.70 ha (B1)
Accessible Natural Greenspace
PLA3(10) Land West of Maesteg Road Tondu Residential – 538 units
Employment - 1.00 ha (B1, B2 & B8)
Improvements to the Transportation Network
PLA3(11) Former Christie Tyler Site Brynmenyn Residential – 75 units
Employment - 2.00 ha (B1, B2 & B8)
PLA3(12) Ogmore Comprehensive School Brynmenyn Residential – 130 units
Improvements to the Transportation Network
Local Retailing - Up to 100 sq m net
Education Facility
PLA3(13) Gateway to the Valleys Tondu Residential – 100 units
Local Retailing - Up to 100 sq m net
Community Building
Playing Fields
Education Facility
PLA3(14) Bryncethin Depot Bryncethin Residential – 50 units
Local Retailing - Up to 1,500 sq m
Employment Site - Fully Developed
PLA3(15) Glanyrafon Tondu Residential – 30 units
Health & Well Being Facility
PLA3(16) Land South West of City Road Bettws Residential – 80 units
Accessible Natural Greenspace
PLA3(17) Land adjoining Cwm Ogwr Fach Blackmill Community Building
Employment - 0.40 ha (B1, B2 & B8)
Residential - 44 units
PLA3(18) Land at Gibbons Way North Cornelly Residential – 45 units
Employment - 0.03 ha (B1)
Health & Well Being Facility
PLA3(19) Former Surgery Site Pencoed Residential – 13 units
Retail & Commercial Development Site
PLA3(20) Ty Draw Farm North Cornelly Strategic Employment – 2.23ha (B1)
Residential - 94 units

 Residential sites

Details of potential residential sites.
Policy number Site name Settlement Number of residential units
COM 1 (5) South Wales Police, Cowbridge Road Bridgend 138
COM 1 (6) Land E of Masonic Hall, Coychurch Road Bridgend 95
COM 1 (7) Land at Waterton Lane Bridgend 42
COM 1 (8) Jubilee Crescent Bridgend 40
COM 1 (9) Land South of Joslin Road Bridgend 34
COM 1 (10) Brocastle Estate Bridgend 30
COM 1 (11) Waterton Manor Bridgend 36
COM 1 (12) Brackla Street Bridgend 19
COM 1 (13) Parc Farm, North East of Parc Derwen Bridgend 14
COM 1 (14) Waterton Lane Bridgend 11
COM 1 (15) 6-10 Queen Street Bridgend 10
COM1 (19) Crown Road Maesteg 40
COM1 (20) Former Blaencaerau Junior School Caerau 35
COM1 (21) Y Parc Maesteg 51
COM1 (22) Land South of Cwmfelin Primary School Cwmfelin 20
COM1 (23) Llynfi Lodge Maesteg 13
COM1 (24) Land adjacent to 50 Heol Tywith Nantyffyllon 13
COM1 (26) Former Sea Bank Hotel Car Park Porthcawl 60
COM1 (28) Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court Porthcawl 35
COM1 (29) MOT Centre Station Hill Porthcawl 11
COM1 (30) The Nurseries, New Road Porthcawl 10
COM1 (32) Parc Tyn Y Coed Bryncethin 323
COM1 (37) Land at Abergarw Farm Brynmenyn 50
COM 2 (2) City Farm Bettws 40
COM 2 (3) Heol Dewi Sant Bettws 11
COM 2 (5) Cae Gleision, Broadlands Bridgend 284
COM 2 (6) Land at Llangewydd Road, Cefn Glas Bridgend 228
COM 2 (7) Ysgol Bryn Castell Bridgend 150
COM 2 (8) Chelsea Avenue Bridgend 110
COM 2 (10) Cefn Glas Road Bridgend 10
COM 2 (11) Coed Parc Bridgend 20
COM 2 (12) Former Wildmill Boiler House Bridgend 10
COM 2 (13) Former Abercerdin School Evanstown 11
COM 2 (14) Coronation Works Evanstown 11
COM 2 (18) Ty Nant, Heol Llangeinor Llangeinor 10
COM 2 (19) Waunwen Nantymoel 35
COM 2 (20) Cwrt Colman Street Nantymoel 21
COM 2 (21) Heol y Fedwen / Haul Bryn Nantymoel 11
COM 2 (25) Ffordd yr Eglwys North Cornelly 22
COM 2 (27) South of Hendre Road Pencoed 35
COM 2 (30) Pencoed Primary School Pencoed 10
COM 2 (31) Ty Draw Close Pyle 30

Employment sites

Details of employment sites.
Policy number Site name Settlement Uses Area of undeveloped land remaining (ha) (2009)
SP9(1) Brocastle, Waterton Bridgend B1 20
SP9(2) Island Farm Bridgend B1 11
SP9(3) Pencoed Technology Park Bridgend B1 5
REG1(2) Bridgend Industrial Estate Bridgend B1, B2 & B8 6.88
REG1(4) Coychurch Yard Bridgend B1, B2 & B8 0.30
REG1(8) Waterton Industrial Estate Bridgend B1, B2 & B8 11.29
REG1(12) Heol Ty Gwyn Maesteg B1, B2 & B8 3.14
REG1(16) Abergarw Industrial Estate Abergarw B1, B2 & B8 2.99
REG1(18) Brynmenyn Industrial Estate Brynmenyn B1, B2 & B8 7.41
REG1(22) Land adj. to Sarn Park Services Sarn B1 2.73
REG1(23) Bocam Park, Pencoed Pencoed B1 1.16
REG1(24) Bridgend Science Park Bridgend B1 1.00
REG1(25) Crosby Yard Bridgend Bridgend B1, B2 & B8 0.85
REG1(29) Georgia Pacific Bryncethin B1, B2 & B8 2.10
REG1(31) Isfryn Industrial Estate Blackmill B1, B2 & B8 0.40
REG1(33) Penllwyngwent Ogmore Vale Ogmore Vale B1, B2 & B8 4.23
REG1(36) Village Farm Industrial Estate Pyle B1, B2 & B8 5.15

Retailing and commercial centre sites

Details of retailing and commercial centre sites.
Policy number Site name Settlement/commercial area Retailing type
REG9(1) South Side Bridgend Town Centre Town Centre Uses
REG9(2) Riverside Bridgend Town Centre Town Centre Uses
REG9(3) Embassy Cinema Bridgend Town Centre Town Centre Uses
REG9(4) Elder Yard Bridgend Town Centre Town Centre Uses
REG9(5) Market Street Bridgend Town Centre Town Centre Uses
REG11(3) Brewery Field Bridgend Edge of Centre - Bulky Comparison Goods – 5,500 sq m net


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