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Population and housing

Population and housing documents
Document number Document title Published by Date
PH1 TAN 1: Joint Housing Land Availability Studies WAG 2006
PH2 TAN 2: Planning and Affordable Housing WAG 2006
PH3 Bridgend Local Housing Strategy Bridgend CBC 2007
PH4 Bridgend Local Housing Needs Assessment Fordham Research 2007
PH5 Joint Housing Land Availability Studies for the County of Bridgend Bridgend CBC / WAG 2000+
PH6 South East Wales Housing Apportionment Memorandum of Understanding SEWSPG 2007
PH7 Registrar General’s Mid Year Population Estimates for Bridgend County Borough 1996 - 2005 ONS 1998+
PH8 Private Sector Housing Renewal Policy Bridgend CBC 2003
PH9 Caerau Ward Neighbourhood Renewal Area Assessment 2006 Geoffrey Cheason Associates
Katherine Hughes Associates
Lapider Ltd.
PH10 Settlement Role and Function Study Baker Associates 2009
PH11 Examining alternative demographic & Labour Market Projections Cambridge Econometrics 2010
PH12 Bridgend Local Housing Market Assessment Fordham Research 2010
PH13 Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment Fordham Research 2010

TAN = Technical Advice Note

WAG = Welsh Assembly Government

ONS = Office for National Statistics

CBC = County Borough Council

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