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Tourism, leisure, sport, recreation and social and community facilities

Tourism, leisure, sport, recreation, social and community facilities documents.
Document number Document title Published by Date
TLS1 TAN13: Tourism Welsh Office 1997
TLS3 Draft TAN 13: Tourism WAG 2006
TLS4 TAN 16: Sport, Recreation and Open Space WAG 2006
TLS5 Climbing Higher - strategy for sport & physical activity WAG 2005
TLS6 Bridgend Tourism Strategy Bridgend CBC 2002
TLS7 Outdoor Sports Audit Bridgend CBC 2010
TLS8 Children’s Playing Space Audit Bridgend CBC 2010
TLS9 Bridgend Single Education Plan Bridgend CBC 2006
TLS10 A Revised Tourism Strategy for South East Wales Capital Regional Tourism 2003
TLS11 Bridgend LHB Primary Care Estates Strategy Bridgend LHB 2004
TLS12 The Learning Country: Vision into Action WAG 2006
TLS13 Allotments and Community Gardens Audit Update 2017 Bridgend CBC 2017

TAN = Technical Advice Note

CBC = County Borough Council

LHB = Local Health Board

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