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Local Development Plan 2013 Review Report

A statutory review of the Bridgend Local Development Plan (LDP) started in 2017. The first stage was publishing the Draft Review Report. This was subject to a four week stakeholder consultation period from Monday 30 April 2018 until 5pm Friday 25 May 2018. A summary of the key issues raised from the consultation responses can be viewed at Appendix 7 of the final Review Report.

The responses received from the consultation have been considered and incorporated into the final Review Report as appropriate. Based on the evidence contained in the Review Report, the LDP should be revised and that this should take the form of a full revision procedure. In other words, a new Replacement LDP is needed. The Bridgend LDP should be revised on an individual basis.

The report provides an overview of the issues that have been considered as part of the LDP review process and identifies the potential changes that are likely to be needed to any revised plan. It also sets out the potential options for revising the LDP.

Local Development Plan (2013) Review Report

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