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Permits for skips, scaffolding and creating vehicular access

Apply for skip and scaffolding permits

We issue licenses for skips and scaffolding. They allow skips and scaffolding to be placed on footways, verges, and carriageways. However, permits are only for legitimate contractors and will be inspected to ensure that skips and scaffolding maintain our conditions.

Apply to create a vehicular access

You must have our approval to start building or altering a vehicular access. Our permission covers modifying the highway, whether it is a carriageway, footway, or verge. Carrying out such work without our permission is an offence under the Highways Act, and may lead to prosecution.

After an initial approval, there are a series of inspections and agreements. These ensure that the work meets our standards, and if it does match our specifications, the finished work is approved.

Assistance with the forms

For assistance completing the relevant skip, scaffolding or vehicular access forms, please phone us on 01656 642 534.

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