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School transport FAQs

Mainstream school transport

There is no formal application process for school transport. Details of pupils attending each school are provided to the School Transport team, who will contact you if your child is eligible for free school transport.

You must notify the school who will inform School Transport team. If you still qualify under the current eligibility criteria, we will contact you to confirm this.

Unless your child is in years 10 or 11 you will no longer qualify for school transport.

If you place your child elsewhere to the nearest suitable or catchment school, then school transport will not be provided.

You can visit the school transport bus route pages.

Drop-off times aren’t published, but you can request estimated times for your child's route from the bus operator directly.

For pupils not entitled to free school transport, details of public routes are on the Traveline Cymru website.

No. Pupils must walk to their designated bus stops. In exceptional cases some pupils are taken to school by taxi or minibus.

Pupils are advised to be at their bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If the bus fails to arrive after 20 minutes, pupils should follow the guidance notes on the reverse of their bus pass. They should ring the number printed and wait for instructions from the School Transport team.

No. Unless previously agreed by the School Transport team, school transport will only pick-up and drop-off pupils at their designated bus stop. The bus driver will not sanction or authorise any other address or drop-off point.

No. Each school route has an individual contract number, and only pupils issued with a pass for that route may travel. Any child attempting to board the wrong bus will be turned away.

Parents and carers of primary school children must ensure that their child gets on and off school transport safely. A responsible adult must be available at least 10 minutes before the agreed pick-up times as noted on the school bus timetable.

Should a responsible adult not be at the stop to meet a primary age child, the child will remain on the bus while it completes its route. It will then return to the child’s stop. If the responsible adult is still not there, the child will be taken to the nearest police station.

Transport providers will not accept instructions from parents or carers for children to be collected or left without a responsible adult, under any circumstances.

 Special educational needs school transport

Letters will be sent to parents and carers when transport has been arranged. They will explain which transport provider will be taking your child, as well as their contact details and the contract number.

Yes. All providers must arrange an opportunity for pupils, parents and carers to meet their driver and escort prior to travelling to school with them.

Pick-up and drop-off times will be confirmed during that meeting. Parents and carers will be given the provider’s contact details and you should contact the provider directly if you have any concerns or questions.

Please tell the School Transport team who will liaise with the transport provider to make arrangements for you.


T: 01656 642654

Our Inclusion Service will inform the School Transport team. They will confirm your new travel arrangements with you by phone and a follow up letter. If required, the driver and escort will meet you and your child prior to transporting them to school.

Contact the School Transport team to check the status of your child’s transport arrangements.


It is your responsibility to ensure your child is ready to get onto their transport 10 minutes before the agreed pick-up time. If your child is not ready or refuses to board, the provider will wait a maximum of 5 minutes before leaving. No further transport will be sent back under these circumstances and it will be your responsibility to get your child to school.

You or a responsible adult must be at your home to meet your child at the agreed drop-off time after school. Should a responsible adult not be there, your child will be taken to the nearest police station. If you are delayed returning home, please inform the School Transport team or the provider.

Parents and carers must make sure that equipment is suitably maintained to ensure their child can travel safely. Wheelchairs should be fitted with the appropriate headrest, restraints and anchor points, inflated tyres, adjusted brakes and a charged power pack, where applicable.

Yes. Medication is permitted on school transport. Please ensure that medication is in a secure container in your child’s school bag, where other children can’t access it. The driver or escort must be notified that medicine is being transported.

The driver or escort cannot administer medication under any circumstances. In an emergency, they will stop, and call 999 for assistance.

Pupils not entitled to free transport

Occasionally, extra spaces are available on some school bus contracts. These can be purchased by parents and carers.

Seats will be made available when the number of school leavers has been calculated and the availability has been assessed.

For a seat purchase application form, contact the School Transport team.


School Transport Section
Civic Offices
Level 2
Angel Street
CF31 4WB

Yes. Letters and application forms are sent to all parents who purchased a spare seat in the previous academic year, but there is no guarantee that a seat will be available for the new academic year.

Yes. You must pay the full amount as you are reserving a seat whether your child travels or not.

No. If additional entitled pupils need transport and seats become oversubscribed, non-entitled pupils may have their places removed. Pro-rata refunds will be made to any child that loses their place.

Yes. To cancel your child’s place and receive a pro-rata refund, contact the School Transport team, stating the date from which transport is no longer required.


Transport Department
Civic Offices
Level 2
Angel Street
CF31 4WB

Free home-to-school/college transport

In most cases, a child's eligibility for free school transport is based upon how far away they live from the nearest suitable school/college. For more information view the starting school guide or, contact:


T: 01656 642654

The School Transport team will inform primary school age pupils of their eligibility. Parents of secondary school age pupils will receive a school transport application form before the start of the school year. You must complete and return the form with an approved passport sized photograph. Once complete, you will receive the bus pass before the school year starts. 

Yes, if your child is eligible for free school transport. Bus operators are instructed to let eligible children without passes travel in to school. The child can get a temporary pass from the school reception while a pass is produced.

Should your child not receive a pass by the end of August, please contact the School Transport team.


T: 01656 642654]

No. A pass can only be used for the route number indicated on it.

Order a replacement bus pass from the School Transport team. Please note that there is a £5 charge for any passes that need to be re-issued due to loss or damage.


T: 01656 642654

Yes. Drivers are instructed to allow the pupil to travel without their pass on the first morning. On arrival at school, the pupil must inform reception of the loss or damage, and get a temporary pass.

Order a replacement bus pass from the School Transport team.


T: 01656 642654

Pupil behaviour

The Welsh Government has introduced the Travel Behaviour Code. It encourages safe school travel, and notes pupils’ expected behavioural standards.

Read about the Travel Code in Bridgend County Borough here

If pupils do not follow the code, schools, colleges, and the council can take action against them for their own and others’ safety. This might involve taking away their right to school transport and even exclusion from school.

If a pupil is excluded from school transport, the pupil’s parents or carers will be notified of the duration and reason in writing. Parents and carers will need to make alternative arrangements for the period so the pupil continues to attend school.

If the incident is deemed serious enough to compromise the vehicle or other pupils’ safety, exclusion from school transport may be immediate.

Damage to the operator’s vehicle may result in the operator recovering the cost of repairs from the child’s parents or carers.


School Transport team

Bridgend County Borough Council
Telephone: 01656 642654

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