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Community Asset Transfer

A Community Asset Transfer (CAT) occurs when a public sector body, usually a Local Authority, passes on the management and/or ownership of a property asset or service to a Town and Community Council (T&CC) or local community group.

Benefits of a CAT:

  • Reservation of facilities/assets / services that may otherwise be lost to the local community
  • Improving Health and Well-being
  • Bringing the community together
  • Independence and self-sufficiency of the local community
  • Led and managed by local people, with a good understanding of local needs
  • Developing assets and services to their full potential
  • Ability to approach external funding sources for improvements/renovations
  • Possible job creation
  • Allows long-term planning and sustainability of assets and services for future generations

Bridgend County Borough Council are committed to identifying land, buildings and services that are suitable to be transferred to and managed by local community groups, so that they can be protected for future generations in a sustainable manner.

The Council’s CAT Policy document provides a reference point for a wide variety of community groups who may be considering applying for a CAT and also aids the decision-making processes that the Council needs to follow when considering applications from community groups.

Who can apply for a CAT?

The Council’s preferred partners are listed in the order of priority as follows:

  1. T&CCs so that assets and services can be retained in the public sector.
  2. Existing users such as sports clubs.
  3. Other Community Groups, including collaborations, holding the requisite legal status defined in the CAT Policy document.


Types of CAT

Transfers may be in the form of a:

  • Management agreement
  • Short term licence to occupy or tenancy at will
  • Short- or long-term lease
  • Freehold transfer (in exceptional circumstances)


Policy and Processes

There are two processes for applications – standard and fast-track.  The method required will depend on the scale and complexity of the transfer.

Transfers and Case Studies

Examples of successful asset transfers completed by Bridgend County Borough Council in conjunction with community groups.

Expression of Interest

Before submitting an application applicants are encouraged to discuss their options, suitability and the scope of community asset transfer with the CAT Officer. These informal discussions will help to prepare for the process of making a formal application for transfer.

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