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Citizens' Panel

Citizens' Panel

Bridgend County Borough’s Citizens’ Panel listens and responds to residents’ views. If you join, you can help us to understand residents’ opinions about what we do, as well as how we can review and improve our services.

Members of the Citizens’ Panel receive up to three surveys per year on diverse topics such as street cleanliness, customer service, and the council budget. Also, members receive updates through our 'you said, we did' newsletter. The newsletter is released every other survey, and highlights how responses have changed the way we operate.

Join the Citizens' Panel

To become a panel member, you must be a resident of Bridgend County Borough, and over 16.

There are several ways to join.

  1. Click here to join the Citizens' Panel online.
  2. Call 01656 643664.
  3. Click here to join the Citizens' Panel by email.

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