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GIS mapping system help

The GIS mapping system allows you to view local information on a map, such as school catchment areas and local councillors. It also shows information about local services, such as buses.


You can search for and display a specific location on the map. The search facility is not case sensitive, so you may use upper or lower case. To search for a location, enter the full address or postcode and press enter. The results of the search will be displayed on the screen. Click or tap the right address to display the map at that location. There will be a green pin symbol on the map in the address you selected. If the address does not exist, a message saying this will be displayed.

To remove all the text from the search boxes at any time, click on the ‘X’ button. If you have already zoomed to a specific location the map window will remain here until you either complete a new search or move around the map.

Map tools

You can find map tools above the map. You can use these tools to interact directly with the map, navigate and get extra information.

Local Knowledge

To get the local knowledge for your area, search for your address or postcode.

You can use local knowledge to view:

  • school catchment areas
  • your local councillor, AM, MP and electoral ward


These buttons will zoom into and out of the initial location at the initial zoom setting.

Click the '+' to zoom in and the '-' to zoom out. When zooming, the system will automatically display the most appropriate Ordnance Survey mapping background for the current resolution. Zooming is primarily controlled with the mouse wheel.

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