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Councillor recovering from coronavirus warns public not to let their guard down during Christmas

An elected member of Bridgend County Borough Council who was hospitalised with Covid-19 is urging residents not to put themselves or their friends, neighbours and family at risk during the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Councillor John Spanswick, one of the representatives for the Brackla ward, developed pneumonia a week after testing positive for coronavirus.

He was admitted to the Princess of Wales Hospital and spent another week receiving treatment on the Covid-19 ward. Following his discharge, he has paid tribute to the nurses and doctors who cared for him.

Councillor Spanswick said: “A few weeks ago, I tested positive for Covid after using a mobile testing facility, and for the next week I curled up and slept.

“One week later, unable to breath properly, I was admitted to the Princess of Wales Hospital, and that's where our amazing NHS staff took over and gave me the best treatment I could have ever wished for.

“There were several scary moments where I thought that I may not be coming home, but I have been one of the very lucky ones.

“I want to give the biggest shout-out possible to all of the staff working in the hospital who turn up each day to battle with this dreaded Covid-19, and to all of the patients who desperately need their help.

“Most of the staff have had Covid-19 themselves, yet they still turn up for work to make a difference in what are now very difficult circumstances.

I will never be able to thank all of the NHS staff enough for the care and treatment that they have given me, but they are the true heroes of our country.

We all now need to play our part to help avoid Covid-19 from spreading any more rapidly.

While it might be tempting to ignore the rules around mixing households and meeting up with friends, family and neighbours, please believe me when I say that the risk is simply not worth it.

“By staying apart now, we are doing all that we can to ensure that nobody is missing when the pandemic is finally over, and we can meet up once more.

“Alert level four restrictions are in place across Wales for a very good reason. Cases of coronavirus are continuing to escalate, our health services are at risk of being overwhelmed, and people are dying every day.

“The situation before us is about as serious as it can get, and I know from first-hand experience that the risks posed by coronavirus must not be underestimated on any level.

“Please think about what you should do, not what you can do, over the Christmas and New Year period, and help to fight the spread of the virus and keep your community safe.”

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