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New model reinforces good practice in Children’s Social Care

Outcomes Focused Approach video transcript (PDF 402KB)

A new framework that enhances good practice in children’s social care is being rolled out across Bridgend county borough in December.

The Outcomes Focused Model of Practice is a key part of the Social Services and Wellbeing Act 2014 which focuses on the promotion of wellbeing, a preventative approach, greater voice and control for the individual, and working alongside both individuals and their families and friends.

This model is about celebrating and promoting good practice, helping to reinvigorate social work with children and families.

The model is strengths-based, being centred around a collaborative relationship between the practitioner and the family. It involves working with families’ own strengths to maximise positive wellbeing outcomes.

A series of changes have been made to the processes and systems in children’s social care. As a result, the outcomes approach will be evident from the first point of contact with a child and their family right through to the final engagement. Managers have a key role to play and will be supporting practitioners as they identify positives and build on these in ways which improve outcomes for children and young people.

Bridgend County Borough Council’s social services and wellbeing director Claire Marchant

The new model focuses on families becoming more involved in safety planning to help build their capacity to prevent and respond effectively to crises in the future.  The importance of maximising opportunities for earlier intervention is also highlighted.

The council’s cabinet member for social services and early help Nicole Burnett said: “Across Wales, local authorities have been implementing this new model which promotes shared values and consistent ways of working across agencies.

“The new framework will reinforce the good practice that’s already in place in the county borough.”

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