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Memorials at Coychurch Crematorium

There are many different memorials available at Coychurch Crematorium. For questions about a memorial, please contact us.

Memorial courtyard

This is situated within the Garden of Remembrance, and is a quiet, peaceful place to remember loved ones.

Wall tablets and vase blocks are available, and can be inscribed. A posy vase is provided above the plaque on each vase block so that families can place a small floral tribute.

The wall space or vase block is leased for fifteen years. When the lease ends, it can be renewed for another fifteen years, or alternatively, the plaque can be returned to the family.

Columbaria vaults

Also in the central courtyard of the Garden of Remembrance are the Sanctum Columbaria vaults.

These are both above and below ground, and incorporate a granite tablet that can be inscribed. Please ask for advice from crematorium staff when you are choosing your inscription.

Burial plots

The burial plots are set against plinths, and memorial plaques provided by the crematorium can be attached. Each burial plot can fit up to three plaques which may be personalised with an inscription.

Tree dedication

A number of trees are available in the crematorium grounds which can be dedicated.

You can purchase a Welsh slate plaque to be inscribed with the names of your loved ones, which will be placed next to your chosen tree.

The memorial tree dedication is leased for fifteen years. If you do not want to renew your lease after fifteen years, you can reclaim your plaque.

Memorial benches

There is limited availability for the dedication of memorial benches within the grounds. Please contact staff at the crematorium to find out more about this option.

Vase blocks

There are specific regulations that apply to placing vase blocks in the chapel cloisters and around the crematorium. These are displayed where appropriate. Vase spaces have a three year renewable lease.

Book of Remembrance

A Book of Remembrance is displayed in a cabinet in the Chapel of Remembrance. Families are able to record the memory of loved ones.

An opening is provided for each day of the year and the volume will be open each day at the appropriate page so that entries may be seen on each anniversary.

If you would like the book to be turned to a different page, please let us know and this can be arranged. Please be aware that the book may be away for re-inscription at times.

Inscriptions are handcrafted and may consist of two, five or eight lines. When an entry is five or eight lines long, a personalised emblem such as a badge or flower can be included.

For further details and charges, please contact the crematorium office.

Ownership of plots

The burial plot is owned by the applicant for cremation unless we are told otherwise on the cremation documentations. We are unable to accept joint ownership as this could lead to difficulties with future re-openings.

Laying flowers or wreaths

We welcome Christmas wreaths. You can find the conditions for this on notice boards in each area of memorialisation from 1 December each year. Please do not place wreaths on scatter lawns within the Garden of Remembrance. All Christmas wreaths are removed after 12th night.

The the Chapel of Remembrance can only accept cut flowers. Please place these in the vases provided by the crematorium.

Stillborn and preterm babies

The crematorium’s rose garden contains two rose beds especially dedicated to either stillborn or preterm babies. Cremated remains are placed here and there is a large, communal memorial and rosebush to remember all laid to rest here.

The crematorium has an arrangement with the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot Hospital for the sensitive cremation of preterm babies. These babies have been placed into the care of the hospital by their parents and are received by the crematorium anonymously and confidentially. After cremation, the baby’s remains are scattered on the lawns of the Garden of Remembrance. Parents who choose this arrangement should obtain their baby’s confidential identification number from the hospital. This means they can receive details of their baby’s cremation and place of rest.

Freshly cut flowers can be placed in the vases provided in the Chapel of Remembrance.

Crematorium information pack

An information pack is sent out after a cremation. This has details of each memorial option available and includes the application forms you will need.


Coychurch Crematorium

Telephone: 01656 656605
Address: Coychurch, Bridgend, CF35 6AB.

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