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Play sufficiency assessment and action plan

Summary of the play sufficiency assessment

Welsh Government has established the Play Sufficiency Duty. It applies to local authorities, and recognises play’s important role in children and young people’s development.

Consequently, we have run a play sufficiency assessment on measures of the quality and quantity of local play options.  Our results inform annual action plans and joint approaches to secure the future of play.

Local issues include:

  • accessible places and spaces for play
  • informal play options
  • structured play and recreational activities

Also, we recognise the diverse needs of:

  • rural communities
  • disabled children and young disabled people
  • people in disadvantaged communities

The action plan’s focus areas

  1. Supporting better play opportunities in primary schools.
  2. Improving play facilities at strategic sites with inclusive equipment where appropriate.
  3. Developing a range of school holiday options including low or no-cost activities.
  4. Developing community understanding of play sufficiency and play’s value.


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