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Coat of arms

Bridgend County Borough Council’s motto is ‘onward with confidence’.



The arms’ shield has three sections. In the left section, the black diamond symbolises the area’s coal industry, and on the right, the golden wheat sheaf represents our agriculture. A ragged line encloses the lower section, which signifies the heritage coastline and the green dolphin on three, wavy blue lines depicts our maritime links.


On a red and gold wreath above the helm, there is a red demi-dragon with a steel collar and chain around its neck. Respectively in its right and left claw are an anchor and an engineering wheel, which signify industry.


The supporter on the shield’s left is a red dragon. The steel chain reflexed over its back is attached to a triangular, gold harrow which represents agriculture and is also supported by the right claw. The supporter on the shield’s right is a silver sea horse with a green tail. The steel chain reflexed over its back attached to a black anchor by the left webbed foot also represents the sea. The mural gold crowns around both figures’ necks signify local government.

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