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Mayor of Bridgend County Borough

For general enquiries about the mayor and the deputy mayor, please contact the Mayor’s Office.


The Mayor

Bridgend County Borough Council
Telephone: 01656 643132 / 643130
Address: Mayor’s Parlour, Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend, CF31 4WB.

Mayor 2017 to 2018

Cllr Pam Davies

Protocol for meeting the mayor

Mayor: The Worshipful the Mayor of Bridgend County Borough (Councillor First Name Second Name)

Mayoress or consort: Consort (Title First Name Second Name)

Deputy mayor: Deputy Mayor of Bridgend County Borough (Councillor First Name Second Name)

Deputy mayoress or consort: Consort (Title First Name Second Name)

The mayor has precedence throughout Bridgend County Borough. Only a lord lieutenant or member of the royal family has greater rank. In seating, the mayor’s place should be directly right of the person presiding, except when the mayor occupies the chair. When the deputy mayor acts for the mayor, they take the same precedence.

A nominated person should meet the Mayor at the entrance, and introduce them to the host. A chauffeur will accompany the Mayor, and stay on duty within easy call.

If the Mayor is to speak, it is normal for them to be the first speaker or associated with the first toast. You should seek the Mayor’s consent to speak well in advance. Give information/points about the speech on the event detail form, and if possible, provide background information on the event. All information about the event should be given to the Mayor’s office for approval with details of any activity involving the mayor.

The Mayor has a civic duty to represent and promote Bridgend County Borough. The Mayor is always keen to help support events and causes which raise Bridgend County Borough and its people’s profiles, both locally and beyond.

To invite the Mayor to an event please contact the Mayor’s office as soon as possible. The Mayor has a busy schedule and it isn’t always possible to attend events at short notice. Yet, we will always reply to note if your invitation has been accepted.

Initially check the mayor’s availability on 01656 643132 or 643130.

You should invite the mayor in writing. Begin your letter ‘Dear Mayor’, and end it ‘Yours sincerely’. The invitation needs to include the event’s:

  • date
  • place
  • special requirements, if any such as speech making, presentations etc.
  • time
  • as well as the type of event

On accepting the invitation, an ‘event detail form’ will be sent to you for filling.


Bridgend County Borough Council
Mayor’s Parlour
Civic Offices
Angel Street
CF31 4WB

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