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Predeposit Proposals (Regulation 15) Initial Consultation Report

Bridgend County Borough Council formally consulted on its predeposit proposals for the Bridgend Local Development Plan between 12 February and 31 March 2009.

The council has now produced a Regulation 15 (Predeposit Proposals) Initial Consultation Report. The purpose of this document is to record how the predeposit proposals consultation was carried out, the levels and detail of the feedback that was received and the council’s initial response to the main issues raised. The document concludes by outlining a series of action points which the council consider necessary to carry out to fully inform the Deposit LDP which is due to be published in 2010.

The Initial Consultation Report will be updated (and supplemented) when the Deposit LDP is published to demonstrate how the comments received at the Predeposit stage have informed the content and context of the Deposit Plan. The Initial Consultation Report will then form part of the wider Consultation Report which the council must prepare and submit to the Planning Inspectorate with the Deposit LDP for examination.

The council has also published responses to representations received on the Sustainability Appraisal of the Predeposit Proposals and Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening which have been produced by its consultants, Baker Associates.

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