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Refuse collections

We provide a fortnightly blue bag collection for materials that cannot be recycled, through our kerbside recycling collection service. For most households, there is a limit of two blue bags per fortnight.

Put your bags out after 7pm on the evening before collection, and before 7am on your collection day. Please do not put bags out early as it can cause littering problems.

Residents who put their bags out outside of these times could receive a £100 fixed penalty notice or even prosecution under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Please be careful when placing your bags out for collection to avoid blocking the pavement.

Wrap up sharp objects, such as broken glass. If these are not wrapped up carefully, they can injure the refuse operator.

Unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather conditions can cause collection times to vary.

Please do not place the following in blue waste bags:

  • garden waste
  • DIY items, including paint, paint tins, stones, gravel, rubble, builders’ waste or tiles
  • clinical waste, including medical waste or needles
  • dead animals
  • cooking or engine oil
  • electrical items
  • trade waste
  • hazardous waste, including solvents, chemicals, paint, engine oil, batteries, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs containing mercury, poison or baits
  • asbestos

To help protect our environment, please recycle as much as possible.


Telephone: 01656 643643

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