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Registering a council tax account

1. Before you can register an account, you must log in. Once you have logged in, you can register your council tax account by clicking on “+ Register” in the council tax section.

The screenshot below shows you where to find this.

2. Link your council tax account by putting in details from your most recent council tax account statement letter. You will need your council tax account number, name and address, including postcode.

How to view details of your Council Tax account

Once you have linked your account, select the “View” link in the “Council Tax” section.


You will be able to view your account summary, including:

  • total balance outstanding
  • instalment amounts
  • payment method
  • payment due dates
  • your property band
  • names on account

Difficulty using My Account due to accessibility issues

If you have any difficulties using My Account due to an accessibility issue, please contact or telephone 01656 643643.



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