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Sign up to My Account

My Account is a personalised service for Bridgend County Borough residents. Registering is quick and easy and all you need to get started is an email address. Using My Account to submit your forms means we receive them immediately, which saves you time and money.

My Account has changed

Our My Account platform changed in March 2021, so your previous My Account is no longer available.

You need to register a new account.

If you have already set up a new My Account from 29 March 2021, please ‘Login’ using the email address you have registered with.

Council tax

With My Account, you can:

  • pay your council tax
  • view your council tax bill
  • set up a direct debit
  • let us know if you move home
  • apply for discounts and exemptions
  • change the date of your direct debit
  • change the bank account your direct debit comes from
  • sign up for council tax e-billing so you can view and print your bill any time

Housing benefit and council tax reduction

With My Account, you can also manage your housing benefit. You can:

  • view your housing benefit claim
  • apply for housing benefit
  • let us know about a change in circumstances
  • apply for discretionary housing payments
  • apply for free school meals

If you need to submit documents, you can do this as part of your online application.

You can use these My Account services safely and securely by logging in with a username and password.

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